In 2015, MS 88 launched an alternative approach to departmental studies based on interdisciplinary, personalized, project-based learning using the new Basecamp model developed by Summit Public Schools in California.  This video checks in with teachers and students to get their take on the impact of the program.  

Spaceship Earth: A Year of Integrated Project-Based Learning

Taking it one step further, the teachers at MS88 developed a design-oriented framework called Spaceship Earth where all of the interdisciplinary projects the teachers developed revolve around the idea of Earth as a spaceship: The Earth is a closed system with limited and unevenly distributed resources. Through each project, students work collaboratively to apply their knowledge and cognitive skills to design solutions that address some component of this problem.

Spaceship Earth provides students with a sense of purpose and urgency in mastering focus areas (subject-specific skills), and in developing their cognitive skills and habits of success.