The Sixth Grade Experience

Mason A. interviews Alex L. about the transition from Elementary School to Middle School 88


Alexander’s experience entering the sixth grade was like any other students, unsure of what to expect. Although he was excited, he wondered if he would have friends, if he would fit in and if his teachers would like him. Before entering, he got nervous thinking that school may be hard and that he would have a lot of homework. After asking him how he felt about the changes in middle school and what he expected his experience to be like, he answered,

“Traveling to different classrooms would be interesting, but I thought school would take a lot of getting used to and that I wouldn’t have anything done in time for my classes”.

“So Alex how did you prepare?” I asked.

“Well I prepared by getting a tutor over the summer so that I would be able to maintain and transfer the high grades I had from fifth grade to sixth grade,” he said.

“What did your tutor do exactly to prepare you?” I asked.

“Well he taught me about some of the ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science lessons I would eventually need to know,” he answered.

Alex talked about how his first day was a recipe for a bit of a disaster. Alex said

“The first day of school, my bus came ten minutes late and when I arrived to school I didn’t know where I was going so I almost missed first period and I felt lost for the rest of the day, but I got used to it.”

Clearly, Alexander had a tough first day, but it happens to us all. So, to all the future sixth graders, although it’s hard at first, it gets better as time goes by. Eventually, you all will get used to the daily routine and trust me classes aren’t hard. Also, I don’t get a lot of homework and I’m basically halfway through the school year. The most important thing to us is getting to learn in the classroom and having fun.

Special thanks to Alexander for letting me interview him and for giving all the parent’s and future Ms.88 students his experience and how it got better.

Hope you choose Ms.88 as your middle school!


By, Mason, 621