High School Information

  • High school results are now available by logging into your MySchools account
  • Students may come to the guidance office during their lunch period to discuss their match with a counselor
  • Students who will be participating in Round 2 have until Friday, April 5th to complete Round 2 applications on MySchools

Regents & State Exams

  • Students who are taking the Algebra Regents will NOT take the 8th grade math exam
  • All students will take the 8th grade ELA exam, even if they are taking the ELA Regents
  • New York State ELA Exam 4/2-4/4 & New York State Math Exam 5/1-5/3
  • US History & Government and Living Environment Regents 6/18
  • English and Algebra Regents 6/19

Important Dates

  • 8th Grade Career Fair- 5/29
  • Senior Awards Ceremony- 6/18
  • Graduation & Prom- 6/24
  • Senior Brunch- 6/25