High School Admissions Updates

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These updates will not change how you apply to high school, how you get an offer, or where you get an offer.  Find out more in the sections marked *NEW* below.


· Pick up a copy of the High School Admissions Guide to learn about the admissions process and browse high school programs

· Set up your account in MySchools. Once you’re logged in, you can search for and learn about high school programs across the city—save your favorite programs by clicking the stars next to their names.

· Register for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) and/or LaGuardia High School auditions.

· Starting in October, you can begin adding programs to your application. You can apply to 12 programs.

· Meet with a counselor to discuss your high school options.

· Attend the high school fairs and go to open houses throughout the fall. Check here for the most up-to-date information on event locations, dates, and times.


· Submit your high school application by December 2, 2019

· Apply one of three ways:


· Get your high school offer letter! This letter will include:

· Your high school offer and/or, if applicable, your specialized high schools results, which may include an offer from a testing school and/or any offers from LaGuardia studios.

· *NEW* A list of programs where you’ve been waitlisted. You’ll be automatically added to the waitlist of any program that you listed higher on your application than the program where you received an offer. For example, if you get an offer to your third-choice program, you will also be waitlisted at your first-choice and second-choice programs.

  • Note: There will be no Round 2 application and High School Appeals.

  • Note: The Specialized High Schools will not have waitlists.


*NEW* If and when seats become available at a program, waitlist offers will be made.

· Schools will be in touch directly if seats open up and they can make you an offer.

· Waitlist offers will be made based on seat availability, admissions priorities, and admissions methods.

· You will be able to check where you are on the waitlist for any school, in real time. You will also be able to add yourself to waitlists during this time. However, please note that your best chance of getting an offer to any program is to include it as a choice on your original application.