NYC Climate Strike 2019

students protesting at a climate rally

Important Information regarding the Climate Strike

Updated September 19, 2019

On Friday, September 20, students may decide to participate in the Climate Strike, a youth-organized event for action against climate change.

The Department of Education (DOE) will excuse absences of students participating in the Climate Strike on Friday 9/20, provided students have parental consent. Students can only leave school with a parent or a guardian on the Blue Card. Here is additional important guidance:

  • Both partial and full day absences will be considered excused with parental permission.
  • There will be no disciplinary consequences for excused absences.
  • Students need to be signed out by parents or guardians if they wish to participate in the walkout.
  • Parents giving permission for their child to be absent should notify us in writing and give their note to their first period teacher. 
  • If a student is present for a portion of the day, they are considered present for the day and absent for any class periods not attended.
  • If a middle or high school student participates in the strike without parental permission, the student’s absence will not be excused.

Read more about attendance policies at the DOE here:

Participation in the walkout is an individual decision, and we encourage your family to discuss your plans ahead of time.