What is a COSA?

decorative image of students jumping

Middle School 88 has three COSAs.

A COSA is the

Coordinator Of Student Activities.

The COSAs organize and handle many of the bonus fun and amazing events at MS 88, such as Honor Roll trips, carnivals, the overnight Senior Trip, and so much more.

The school’s COSAs are:

SISTA House: Mr. McCurry – rm. 143

SMART House: Mr. Walling – rm. 235

Medical House: Mr. Rosenzweig – rm. 354


To be on the Honor Roll, you must have ALL of the following on your report card…

  • At least an 85% in every class
  • An overall average of 90% or higher
  • An acceptable record of classroom behavior
  • An acceptable record of hallway behavior
  • An acceptable record of attendance, including absences and lateness

Making the Honor Roll = being invited on Honor Roll trips