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Dear School Community,

 It is with heavy hearts that we share sad news on the passing of our beloved comfort dog Petey Parker.

Petey was one of the first Comfort Dogs in the New York City school system and he took his job seriously! While small in stature, he was huge in heart and loved by all.  From rescue to VIP, Petey served as one of the first comfort dogs and made us all proud.

 His gentle snore and knowing gaze was reassuring and made us all smile. Ms. Parker was the absolute best mom and took great care of him and patiently waited for Petey to follow her lead.  

It is natural to feel sad and miss Petey.  Ms. Wolfe and the guidance counselors are available to speak with you.  We are putting together a beautiful mural in Petey’s honor so please feel free to forward any favorite memories and pictures to Ms. Wolfe.

He will certainly be missed by all.


Ailene Mitchell