Image of jack-o-lanterns with candles

General Information

Middle School 88 will be having a Halloween Dance for students on Friday, October 25, 2019 from 2:45 – 5:30 PM in the gym.  Please make arrangements for student pick up at  5:30 PM.  LeAp students are welcome to attend.

Admission: $3

Pumpkin decorating: $3

Drinks/snacks: $1 each

*Students will be allowed to bring their costumes in a bag and change right before the dance on Friday, October 25, 2019.*


  • School is open and attendance will be taken at  the usual time by the first period teacher.
  • Students must bring all books, etc., and be prepared to do regular school work.
  • Feel free to come to school in costume on the day of Halloween (Thursday, October 31, 2019) as long as it is school appropriate.  (NO MASKS OR WEAPONS)
  • Check your candy before you eat it.
  • Enjoy the day and the spirit of Halloween.


  • Do NOT bring eggs, shaving cream, silly string, or any item to the school that is inappropriate at any time of the school year.
  • Do NOT bring realistic looking “toy weapons” even if it is part of your costume (guns, knives, swords, etc.).
  • Do NOT wander the halls for any reason without a teacher-issued pass.
  • Do NOT wear any face masks in school during the day at all.
  • Do NOT visit other schools after your school day.
  • Do NOT loiter outside of the building after the school day has ended.

Please be respectful of others when picking a costume, and let’s keep the day fun and positive!

Enjoy Halloween by making it a safe and enjoyable day.


Ailene Altman Mitchell, Principal