Family Email from Principal Mitchell

September 30, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we go through daily changes with programs, policies, and preparing for your child’s return to school remotely and blended. Your child is the most important part of the return to school equation and at the center of all we do. Be assured that everything possible has been put in place to keep your child safe, engaged and supported academically and emotionally.

As we return to school in person and online, it is imperative that you share your child’s program with them daily. Linked here is a September and October School Calendar showing which day of the six-day cycle all students should follow everyday, and which days blended-instruction students in Cohorts A, B, C & E should attend school physically for in-person instruction. Linked here is also the cohort placement list for you to check by grade which Cohort your child attends classes with: 6th Grade Program Placement; 7th Grade Program Placement; 8th Grade Program Placement. We will also send out Robocalls the night before and the morning of. Please be advised we do not have the room or supervision to watch your child if they come to school on the wrong days. You must make every effort to be sure your child attends school on the appropriate days and according to the programs. Again, I cannot urge you enough to review and understand your child’s program whether it is A, B, C, D or E; linked here is a video explaining how to know which days your child should attend which type of instruction

For attending school in person, please follow the bell schedule below:

Period 19:00 AM – 9:45 AM
Period 29:47 AM – 10:32 AM
Period 310:34 AM – 11:19 AM
Period 411:21 AM – 12:06 PM
Period 512:08 PM – 12:53 PM
Period 612:55 PM – 1:40 PM
Period 71:42 PM – 2:27 PM
DismissalGrade 6 – 2:18 PM
Grade 7 – 2:23 PM
Grade 8 – 2:27 PM

Please also be aware that the arrival and dismissal locations are as follows: 6th Grade: Entrance D – Middle of 19th St.; 7th Grade: Entrance B – Middle of 18th St. Closer to 6th Ave. ; 8th Grade: Entrance A – 18th St, Closer to 7th Ave & Near to Main Entrance. Signs at the entrances will be color coded. 

Updated Contact Information where we can reach you is more important than ever. You will shortly receive text messages and/or emails from a company we’re partnering with called Operoo. 

When you receive a text or email from Operoo, please click the link and register for an Operoo account to be able to complete Back-to-School NYC DOE forms on your phone or computer, including your most up to date emergency contact information. Linked here is a letter with more information about Operoo. 

In both blended learning and fully remote classrooms, our instruction will continue to provide students with time for critical thinking and ways to accelerate their learning. As students return for blended instruction they will receive backpacks with supplies for learning. Time will be scheduled soon for fully remote students to pick up materials as well. Backpacks for students will include: pencils, pens, markers and a notebook, as well as ELA and Math specific materials. 

In ELA, as part of our modified Teachers College Reading Writing Project curriculum, two books will be provided for your children, in addition to digital access to websites for independent and book club reading.

Grade 6Ghost by Jason Reynolds; Betty Before X by Betty & Ilyasah Shabazz
Grade 7Flying Lessons by Ellen Oh; Dear Martin by Nic Stone
Grade 8Pride by by Ibi Zoboi; Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America by Ibi Zoboi, Tracey Baptiste, Coe Booth, Dhonielle Clayton

In Math, students will use Open Up Resources or Kendall Hunt workbooks to follow along with lessons in the curriculum as they are taught in class and remotely. The workbooks include their daily warm ups and tasks, reflection prompts, unit glossaries, and lesson summaries that function as a text for students to look back at to review what they’ve learned.

While we realize the opening is not easy, together we can make it work. While I know this has been quite a different beginning, be sure we will do everything to make it an amazing year. I will be sending out biweekly updates both written and or videotaped. Thank you for trusting me with your most treasured gems.

My very best, 

Ailene Altman Mitchell, Principal

The Park Slope Education Complex at M.S. 88