Encouraged by MS88 administration and teachers, the Arts at MS88 have developed into the benchmark for Middle Schools in the New York Metropolitan area.

By incorporating other areas of study in conjunction with a visual arts curriculum, students analyze and respond to the expressive qualities in other areas of study. This is one method being developed by teams of teachers each working together on multiple projects for each team project. This process encompasses many skills and concepts that directly compliment the comprehensive visual arts education curriculum at MS88, while students gain respect for their own work and the work of others.

Also in conjunction with full-time staff, outside arts organizations and arts professionals work side by side with students in the art-making processes on a variety of classroom and community projects, encouraging the students to understand the role of the visual arts in communicating diverse cultural beliefs and ideas. By the use of art-making processes students communicate ideas, images and themes and develop fluency in visual communication and vocabulary, and by investigating works of art from different times and places, students will develop an understanding that art and culture shape and reflect each other.

Student exhibitions and field trips to New York’s major Art institutions and Museums will aid in the students understanding of visual arts concepts and processes, as well as, providing strategies to analyze the visual qualities and interpret the meanings of works of art and employ critical evaluation skills in creating and exhibiting their works of art.

Over the course of MS88’s Arts curriculum, visual arts students will have the opportunity to develop High School portfolio criteria and learn about the variety of career options open to them. Teachers are encouraged to go beyond the careers traditionally discussed in visual arts instruction and assist students in the exploration of both lesser-known and emerging career fields in the arts.