Grants & Partnerships

M.S. 88 is strategically aligned with major universities, along with public and private companies to support teacher development and enrich the learning experiences of our students.

Toshiba America Foundation

Toshiba America Foundation contributes to science & math education by investing in teacher designed projects for 6-12 students. In 2015 we received $5,000 for the purchase of a littleBits pro-library for the FabLab.


The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation

The foundation’s primary philanthropic focus centers on K–12 public education and community improvement. Within these areas, Lowe’s Foundation is committed to supporting projects that have the greatest impact on our communities and align with our core business — home improvement. In 2015, we were awarded a $25,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant for the creation of the Fab Lab which houses the STEM program in the Medical House.


Lego Robotics

Students participate and compete in various events using this technology based program.

JetBlue Foundation

JetBlue has made a commitment to encourage STEM education to traditionally underserved youth by offering opportunities to students for STEM studies. In 2015 we were awarded $25,000 by the JetBlue foundation for the creation of the Fab Lab which houses the STEM program in the Medical House.

Peer Mediation

Students & staff are trained in peer mediation and conflict resolution.  Please refer to the planner insert for further information on our advisory program.

Theatre For A New Audience

Theatre for a New Audience helps provide lesson plans for our teachers to support students in creative writing and acting.

Teach For America

Ms. Mitchell’s long-standing relationship with teacher recruitment at Teach for America and Lauren Kraus is about serving as mentors for new teachers and creating human resource pools for a growing school. We train, recruit, hire, and support novice teachers.

New York Teaching Fellows

M.S. 88 is partnered with the NYC Teaching Fellows as a novice teacher training site. We host of cohort of Fellows each year through the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship, pairing them with strong content area teachers and involving them in all aspects of teaching including collaboration with colleagues through teacher team meetings.

Columbia University

Our Integrated Project Week (IPW), which sprung out of our long-standing partnership with CERC, is still going strong in its sixth year. Over the years, our teachers have received extensive professional development through the Learning through Ecology and Environmental Field Studies (LEEFS) and Technology, Research, and Ecology Exchange with Students (TREES), which then positively impacts student-centered, project-based curriculum and instruction design.

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College sees Middle School 88 as the Institute for Research on Learning. Both the school and university will engage in best practices for undergraduate and graduate teacher training.

School of One

The iZone’s School of One was created to generate bold, effective and transformative changes in the classroom to better meet the needs of today’s students.


PENCIL is a unique organization that supports and connects the development of school leadership with leadership in the private sector. PENCIL focuses on three key impact areas including: Developing strong leaders, Building School Capacity and Enhancing the Learning Experience. This school year we are fortunate to be partnered with Ronald S. Rosbruch from Strategies For Wealth. Ron has adapted and implemented an advisory program entitled,” Celebration” which focuses on building confidence and self esteem with the middle school student.

Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation

Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) founder and executive director Katie Ginsberg has been working with faculty on embedding the national sustainability standards into the curriculum, namely by “helping students to identify important questions that recur throughout all our lives. They are broad in scope and timeless by nature. The essential questions should help students effectively inquire and make sense of important but complicated ideas, knowledge, and know-how.”

Middle School Quality Initiative

Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) came out of the City Middle School Task Force to address the low number of middle school students reading on grade level. MSQI is in line with the instruction at M.S. 88 that uses formative assessments, teacher teams, strategic tutoring, and rigorous instruction to move struggling readers.

Solar 1

Solar 1 is partnering with the DOE to implement this curriculum in schools across the 5 boroughs; MS 88 is one of a handful chosen for this novel curriculum.  I am excited for the upcoming year and it will be a pleasure to meet all of you!

Please don’t hesitate in saying “hello,” and certainly reach out if we can create a shared atmosphere of leadership and citizenship through a concept of “Education, Inspiration and Action.”

MillionTrees NYC

This fall saw a courtyard tree-planting event held in conjunction with One Million Trees. Students gained in-depth understanding of what it means to be truly sustainable, and they planted eight saplings for which they will care.

Ironwill Kids

It’s the mission of Ironwill Kids to get students critically thinking about food and the choices they have. We want students to always ask, “what’s in my food and where does it come from?” Ultimately, we want them to eat less processed food and more nutrient-rich plant-based food such as fruits and vegetables.