Columbia University

Our Integrated Project Week (IPW), which sprung out of our long-standing partnership with CERC, is still going strong in its sixth year. Over the years, our teachers have received extensive professional development through the Learning through Ecology and Environmental Field Studies (LEEFS) and Technology, Research, and Ecology Exchange with Students (TREES), which then positively impacts student-centered, project-based curriculum and instruction design.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University is currently working with two teacher teams to develop an integrated curriculum map aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the sustainability education standards.

We have raised the bar for IPW by incorporating the Citywide Instructional Expectations units of study aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and including science and social studies throughout all of our hands-on, inquiry-based projects. Our ongoing green wall, green roof, and brand-new oyster bed farming projects all came out of IPW, and you can bet that the students at Middle School 88 are getting an education that reaches far beyond the walls of the traditional classroom!