Our library builds school culture and student choice by providing diverse material, access to technology and special programming to appeal to students’ interests. 

M.S. 88’s Library Programs Include:

  • Mutt-i-grees: bringing service learning and an empathy-based SEL program to schools through North Shore Animal League.  
  • Comfort Dog Pilot Program
  • Burritos For Books Chipotle Challenge (supporting school-wide reading culture)
  • Service in Schools Program (bringing our learning into community)
  • Brooklyn Public Library Sponsored Author Visits
  • Principal’s Council (student advocacy and local government ties)

How the Library supports our reading culture:

  • Library Lunch (projects, clubs, homework, computers, etc.)
  • Building a library collection that reflects our student body and interests 
  • Connecting Nonfiction to Fiction through collection development and displays 
  • Library Open Access Periods (flexibility for teachers and students)
  • Current Events Displays 
  • Student-led book clubs

Media Literacy Classes:

  • Current Events (We don’t like the idea of fake news so we teach Information Literacy!)
  • Learning how to analyze and create media
  • Project-based learning based on interest (Mutt-i-grees Challenge Websites)
  • Afterschool Computer Club (Coding and open programs like Minecraft allow them to explore their interests)

Social Emotional Learning:

  • All students can be brought into the fold with building-wide programs and lots of choice! 
  • Principal’s Council meetings give our student leaders the ability to have a dialogue with our staff and make important decisions for the student body.