At Middle School 88 our mission is to develop a love of math for your child and prepare them to apply their math skills across content areas.  

We build conceptual understanding through project-based learning tasks that allow your child the time to engage in new skills and apply what they know in a real world context.

All students need a high-quality mathematics program designed to prepare them for careers in a technological age.  Middle School 88 offers a rigorous and challenging mathematics program for every student. The mathematics program reflects a balance of computational and procedural basic skills, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards.

We use a variety of resources to accomplish this goal.  Middle School 88 uses a blend of digital and text content to engage your child.  All resources are aligned to the Common Core Standards.  Examples of math resources include:

  • Connected Math 3
  • Learn Zillion
  • Wowzers
  • Math Coach Books
  • Engage NY
  • Kahn Academy
  • IXL