Music, Fine Arts & Drama

At M.S. 88 we take great joy in supporting the development of our young musicians, singers, actors and artists. We proudly invest in programming designed to activate student interest through meaningful engagement in activities in which they can build confidence, community and a strong sense of personal identity.  Programming through the arts both during the school day and after school offers students an opportunity to engage with one another in non-academic settings.  Along with many other positive outcomes, this supports the language development of ELL students and is a welcoming space for all students to interact and foster community.

    • Music: Rockestra, House Band, the Middle School 88 Chorus, and guitar class with resident rock star and teacher Aaron Tulloch
    • Theatre/Drama: drama/theatrical instruction with resident drama teacher Martina Lidondici, biannual dramatic productions with student facilitated set/costume construction, acting and direction (2016 production of Little Shop of Horrors), the Girl Be Heard after school program
    • Art: Art Smart fine arts after school program, the biannual Shine the Light community arts festivals, fine arts instruction with resident art teacher Megan Ambrosino