Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum is made up of inquiry-based, in-depth studies of history, geography, economics, government, and culture. Units of study are planned around essential questions of large, enduring concepts. Lessons are presented in the workshop model (including a mini-lesson, independent/group work and share). Students are engaged in active learning through independent inquiry and cooperative group work in order to make the concepts of Social Studies meaningful and real. Students explore inquiries through authentic research and integration of reading, writing, observation, discussion, and debate. They are guided through an examination of multiple perspectives using primary and secondary resources, interviews, and field trips. 

Teachers  engage and challenge their students by showing the complexities of history in ways that promote critical and creative thinking. We will also adapt several units of study focusing on multicultural awareness and social concerns.

In preparation for the 8th grade state exam, students learn to answer document-based questions (DBQS) in the study of specific Social Studies content. They are also coached in the reading and interpretation of maps, charts, and diagrams.