Special Programs

We leverage partnerships and grants to provide special programs geared towards our diverse population of learners.

MS 88 students teachers and community members

Core Values

Core Values are a charter and a cultural framework here at M.S. 88 designed to structure our school belief system around child growth and development.  M.S. 88 is celebrating and teaching into the Core Values of Respect, Empathy, Curiosity, Integrity, and Resilience. 

smiling ms 88 student touches the nose of a puppy

The Muttigrees Curriculum

An innovative PreK-12 social and emotional learning curriculum that highlights the unique characteristics of shelter pets to teach essential skills for academic and life success

computer screen with a personalized learning plan on it

Base Camp

In 2015, MS 88 launched an alternative approach to departmental studies based on interdisciplinary, personalized, project-based learning using the new Basecamp model developed by Summit Public Schools in California.

School of One at M.S. 88

School of One is an instructional program that personalizes learning through an innovative combination of teachers, physical space, and technology in the classroom.