Core Values

MS 88 students teachers and community members

Core Values are a charter and a cultural framework here at M.S. 88 designed to structure our school belief system around child growth and development.  M.S. 88 is celebrating and teaching into the Core Values of Respect, Empathy, Curiosity, Integrity, and Resilience. 

  • Core Values Awards

    • We engage parents and families in celebrating our students who exhibit Core Values by inviting them to biannual Core Values Nights.  During these evenings students are recognized by their integrated teacher teams for exhibiting Core Values and given awards for their achievement and excellence.

  • Core Values Enrichment Class: Life Skills

    • In addition to the framework, an elective class led by Mr. Dave Paris allows for students to focus upon the tenets of our Core Values by engaging in a curriculum centered upon civic and community support work.  Students in this program engage in learning activities that support effective communication and healthy relationships.