The School for Integrated Studies Through the Arts

Students in the SISTA House will

  • Create an art portfolio for admission into a specialized arts high school
  • Participate in local and national arts competitions
  • Contribute finished art projects to an online gallery
  • Develop integrated arts projects for the school and the community
  • Participate in visual arts, drama, guitar and percussion after-school programs
  • Collaborate with various partnerships including The Earth Institute, Columbia University and PENCIL
  • Visit museums and galleries
  • Attend theater performances
  • Produce dramatic, music and open-mic performance

SISTA House Arts Curriculum Overview

 The School for Integrated Studies Through the Arts (SISTA) offers students the opportunity to learn through an integrated curriculum that includes literacy, mathematics, social studies and science with a strong emphasis on the performance, visual and dramatic arts.
 The 1stgoal of SISTA is for students to acquire critical thinking and processing skills. These skills incorporate logic, reasoning and problem solving, comprehension, inferring, authentic research, inquiry-based learning, experimentation and cooperative group work. Focus is placed on the integration of reading and writing strategies into all subject areas. The arts will be a motivating force that creates opportunities for active and meaningful learning as students acquire those basic skills.

Once students acquire critical thinking and processing skills, they proceed to the 2ndgoal of SISTA. This goal is the application of skills and knowledge through project-based learning led by interdisciplinary and collaborative teaching. Performance, dramatic and visual arts will remain the underlying focus to support all projects in a variety of ways. Teachers will plan and integrate units of study using the Arts as a medium of student expression and to provide meaningful, authentic learning.

The culminating goal of SISTA is for students to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired to produceprojects, dramatic performances and exhibits that feature literary publications and art presentations spanning the subject areas.
The incoming 6thgrade will begin art portfolios for specialized high schools by building and refining their artistic skills and talents. Art portfolios will reflect students’ aesthetic learning, knowledge application and achievement. Teachers will continue to integrate the arts to complement the core subjects so students will develop skills to meet performance standards. Students will continue to work on and refine portfolios throughout their three years in order to prepare them for admission into one of the distinguished arts high schools in New York City.