GSA’s Out For Safe Schools Training


MS 88 staff members attended this week’s GSA meeting to hear from LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. Our GSA students told the staff the actions they’d like their allies to take to affirm their identities and make them feel safe in the MS 88 community. At the end of the session, students presented staff members with “Out For Safe Schools Badges” that staff can display to show their allyship. Students, if you see one of these badges and have a question about it, ask the staff member what it means!

MS 88’s School Leader, Ms. Ailene Mitchell, honored with North Shore Animal League’s Humane Leadership Award.

Image of Principal Mitchell receiving award on stage

This Friday, North Shore Animal League of America honored our School Leader, Ms. Ailene Mitchell, with the Human Leadership Award. Along with Principal Michael Tountasakis from North Carolina, these two leaders planned a 700-mile rescue trip that saved the lives of 23 animals and taught our schools all about the power of teamwork and how communities can bond through their love of animals. Also honored was Petey Parker, our first school comfort dog, who will never be forgotten and his wonderful mom, Ms. Irene Parker.  It was a super fun night and those of us who were lucky enough to attend couldn’t be prouder of our school, our leaders and our Muttigrees Club!



Our Comfort Dog, Petey


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Dear School Community,

 It is with heavy hearts that we share sad news on the passing of our beloved comfort dog Petey Parker.

Petey was one of the first Comfort Dogs in the New York City school system and he took his job seriously! While small in stature, he was huge in heart and loved by all.  From rescue to VIP, Petey served as one of the first comfort dogs and made us all proud.

 His gentle snore and knowing gaze was reassuring and made us all smile. Ms. Parker was the absolute best mom and took great care of him and patiently waited for Petey to follow her lead.  

It is natural to feel sad and miss Petey.  Ms. Wolfe and the guidance counselors are available to speak with you.  We are putting together a beautiful mural in Petey’s honor so please feel free to forward any favorite memories and pictures to Ms. Wolfe.

He will certainly be missed by all.


Ailene Mitchell

Class Assignments for 2019-2020 School Year

Dear 88 Families, 

Postcards were mailed out with your student’s class information and first day procedures. In the upper right hand corner on the label it will state your student’s grade level, floor/ house number, and section (i.e.; 61S). To support in the first day of school procedure, please have your student know their class code (i.e.; 61S) or bring their postcards with them to school.

Please note : 

Floor 1 is the School for Integrated Studies through the Arts
Floor 2 is School of Media Arts and Technology
Floor 3 is the School for Medical and Health Careers 

 For example, Class 61S is a 6th Grade SISTA House Class and 72R is a 7th Grade SMART House Class. 

 All information regarding the first day of school procedures can also be found on the postcard. 

Looking forward to an amazing 2019-2020 scholastic year! 


School Supplies


Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for the feedback. We are so excited for the 2019-2019 scholastic year to begin.

Your child will be given a list of supplies during the 1st and 2nd day of the school year, as teachers feel they want to customize supplies to who they are teaching.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you September 5th.