Family Letter: Orientation Information and Webinar Links

Dear Parents & Families, 

Below you will find links to student Zoom Webinar Orientation events for all students to take place virtually on Wednesday September 16th, 17th and 18th. The purpose of our Webinars is to partner with you in supporting your children in logging into our school systems based on their grade levels. 

During the Tech Orientations, school staff will assist students and teach them how to login to the websites they need to use to be able to access remote learning, including how to create and access usernames and passwords. One of the websites they learn how to login to will give them access to their schedules. 

During the Safety and Wellness Orientation, students will learn protocols and routines in preparation for returning to school to support their well-being in both virtual and physical settings. Recordings of the Webinars will be available to view on our website this Friday. 

By this Friday, September 18th, students will be able to access their MS88 Emails where they will receive emails from their teachers about class-specific get-to-know-you events taking place on Friday. 

I am so excited to share with you our updated website; please click here to view information that will help students and families access all of the needed links for the start of this school year. The orientations this week along with the resources on the website will help you prepare for the start of both blended and fully remote learning on Monday, September 21st. We will be posting a survey to include recommendations for this website, as we are all in this together.

It has been over five months, and I thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing our amazing, brave and beautiful students remotely and in person. 

My very best always, 

Ailene Altman Mitchell


Please visit our September Calendar for Orientation Dates, Times and webinar links.

Getting Technologically Prepared for Fall 2020

image of girl with a laptop & book. boy sitting on a computer screen on a laptop.

Student Devices

Ensure your child has access to a device (tablet or computer) with working internet. If not, don’t worry, you can apply for one through the NYC DOE.

Make sure your child has a login for their NYC DOE email account through the Student Account Self-Service link by following these directions:

Find Your Student Account ID and Password

To retrieve your account ID and password: 

1) Go to Student Account Self Service(Open external link

2) Enter your 9-digit Student ID (OSIS) number. (You can find your Student ID number on a report card, your student ID card, or in your NYCSA account.) 

3) Enter your birthday.

4) Click Continue. 

5) If the information you enter matches your student record, your username will be displayed. 

6) Your student ID is your username followed by For example, if your username is JaneD, your student account ID is 

7) If you haven’t already set up a password, you will be asked to set one up. 

8) Pick a password that only you will know. 

9) Re-enter your password. 

10) Click Update Password

Looking for more help? Here are two helpful resources:

Turorital on: How to Find Your User Name 

A video describing the process. 

Video: Basecamp, Year 1 Interviews

In 2015, MS 88 launched an alternative approach to departmental studies based on interdisciplinary, personalized, project-based learning using the new Basecamp model developed by Summit Public Schools in California.  This video checks in with teachers and students to get their take on the impact of the program.  

Spaceship Earth: A Year of Integrated Project-Based Learning

Taking it one step further, the teachers at MS88 developed a design-oriented framework called Spaceship Earth where all of the interdisciplinary projects the teachers developed revolve around the idea of Earth as a spaceship: The Earth is a closed system with limited and unevenly distributed resources. Through each project, students work collaboratively to apply their knowledge and cognitive skills to design solutions that address some component of this problem.

Spaceship Earth provides students with a sense of purpose and urgency in mastering focus areas (subject-specific skills), and in developing their cognitive skills and habits of success.