A letter from the CEC District 15

September, 2017

The Community Education Council of District 15 would like to wish you a Happy First Day of School!

September is always a time full of excitement and change. Our children are growing every day by leaps and bounds. It’s almost impossible to keep track of their advancements whether it be in academics, emotional growth or simply shoe size.

Today was one of those leap into the future days!

Each day offers new ideas to help us grow. We hope this year you will join us at our monthly CEC15 meetings where we share information and learn from each other about our schools.

The CEC15 Back to School Meeting is scheduled for Thurs, Sept 28 at 6:30 pm. Location is

PS 261 – 314 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY We hope you will join us – bring the whole family. There will be food for everyone and fun for the children.

The agenda includes the introduction of your School Liaisons, a District Report from our Superintendent, Anita Skop, and an ECF presentation on a proposed new school.

Come find out about all the good things happening at your school and in the District on Sept 28.

Another successful school year is beginning. Embrace it, as you do your children, with hope and love.

Camille, Scott, Kathy, Neal, Charles, Nicole, Antonia, Elena, Yanfeng, Mark and Lili

Community Education Council 15