GSA’s Out For Safe Schools Training


MS 88 staff members attended this week’s GSA meeting to hear from LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. Our GSA students told the staff the actions they’d like their allies to take to affirm their identities and make them feel safe in the MS 88 community. At the end of the session, students presented staff members with “Out For Safe Schools Badges” that staff can display to show their allyship. Students, if you see one of these badges and have a question about it, ask the staff member what it means!

Meatless Monday

image of mixed vegetables

The Initiative

Did you know your school has been part of the Meatless Monday program since September?  This means that every Monday, all of New York City’s public school children are served a vegetarian lunch such as Mexicali bean and vegetable tacos or veggie chili.

Studies show consuming less meat and more plant-based foods can improve our health and reduce our risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  Meatless Monday is one step toward preventing these diseases.  Organizations such as the American Heart Association support Meatless Monday as a way to promote a well-balanced diet.

A Personal Approach

This initiative is personal for me.  In April 2016,  I was diagnosed with advanced Type 2 diabetes.  Within three months of adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet, I lost 35 pounds and reversed my diabetes.  My success convinced my mother to use diet to manage her diabetes too.  It’s been a wonderful new chapter.

As a Brooklyn Borough President and a fellow parent, I am committed to our children and families’ health.  That’s why I invite you to join me in supporting Meatless Monday.  Whether it’s taking a Meatless Monday pledge, continuing Meatless Monday beyond school hours with a vegetarian dinner or learning about nutrition and our food environment, I applaud your healthy eating efforts!

More Information & Getting Involved

If you would like to make healthful changes to your school — including starting a wellness council, adding nutrition education, scratch cooking, gardens & more — please contact the NYC Healthy School Food Alliance at  For more information on nutrition education, organizations that could provide community nutrition education workshops are listed in the Tisch Food Center’s Nutrition Education Programs NEP Database.

 Share Your Story

I would love to hear from you!  If you would like to share your story, or become more involved, please reach out to my deputy strategist, Rachel Atcheson, at (718) 802-3762 or  I look forward to working together to ensure the best possible future for all of Brooklyn’s families.


Eric L. Adams
Brooklyn Borough President

MS 88’s School Leader, Ms. Ailene Mitchell, honored with North Shore Animal League’s Humane Leadership Award.

Image of Principal Mitchell receiving award on stage

This Friday, North Shore Animal League of America honored our School Leader, Ms. Ailene Mitchell, with the Human Leadership Award. Along with Principal Michael Tountasakis from North Carolina, these two leaders planned a 700-mile rescue trip that saved the lives of 23 animals and taught our schools all about the power of teamwork and how communities can bond through their love of animals. Also honored was Petey Parker, our first school comfort dog, who will never be forgotten and his wonderful mom, Ms. Irene Parker.  It was a super fun night and those of us who were lucky enough to attend couldn’t be prouder of our school, our leaders and our Muttigrees Club!