Caring for Your Kids Webinar

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Webinar: Helping Parents and Students Navigate Remote Learning with a Focus on Social/Emotional Health 


  • Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 7 PM (English)
  • Friday, April 3, 2020 at 3 PM (Spanish)

Registration: Click here

Council Member Brad Lander will host a group of expert panelists for this webinar to address questions about remote learning and how to manage both parent and student emotional health during this crisis. Please be part of this conversation with other parents, DOE representatives and a school psychologist from the Child Mind Institute.

Speakers will include:

Adrienne Austin, Acting Deputy Chancellor, Division of Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications

Anita Skop, Community Superintendent for District 15

Elizabeth Stanzl, Director of Policy, Division of School Climate and Wellness

Angela Moyer, MS, CAS, NCSP, Child Mind Institute


District 15 Remote Learning

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D15’s First Ever School Spirit Week at Home

Dear D15 Friends and Families,

Monday is District 15’s first day of Remote Learning and CEC15 is super excited and planning to cheer you on throughout the coming weeks.

CEC15 and Superintendent Skop invite EVERYONE to celebrate District 15’s School Spirit Week at Home starting Monday, March 23, with Pajama Day!


A BIG shout out to all the Principals, Teachers and Staff that continue to help our children to learn during this difficult time. You are an inspiration to us all!

We know that working from home under these conditions can have it’s challenges. Staying on a schedule that includes self-care is incredibly important for achieving success. Here are some suggestions for a more enjoyable day:

  • Schedule a few minutes each day to open your mind and heart to a new day.

  • Time management will be your friend throughout this journey. Create a To Do List.

  • Find a dedicated space for you or your child to work – Allow yourself the time to organize your work space so that productivity can flow.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least eight ounces of water every day. And take a break for lunch. Stand up, stretch, reach for the STARS!

  • Find a ray of sunshine – Even if you can’t get outside, sit by a window for a few minutes and look out on the world with different eyes.

  • Don’t forget, we’re all in this TOGETHER. If you need something, reach out.

Know that we are here for you and wishing everyone enormous success on this new journey that we are embarking on TOGETHER.

Stay Safe and Healthy!


Helpful Links

Remote Learning Devices:

300,000 devices are on their way to NYC to assist students with remote learning.

DOE Remote Learning Portal:

In order to support students with remote learning, the DOE has made available a remote learning portal for all DOE students. The remote learning portal provides quick links to online learning tools they will need, including Google Classroom and Microsoft Office. For students at schools that use Clever, a link to Clever will appear in the portal.

Tech Support:

You can print and use these resources to help your child:

Free Meals Citywide:

Specialized Instruction and Student Supports for Students with IEPs

Regional Enrichment Centers

New York State Tests: Cancelled

Enrollment Help


It’s not too late to get a seat for September in a D15 School. Family Welcome Center (FWC) staff are available remotely to assist with enrollment and placement of new admissions, questions around admissions, information about offers, and wait lists. Receive direct support by e-mailing your questions to:

Update from the Chancellor

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Today, we will all come together to take the first steps of a huge new educational journey as New York City brings remote learning to our 1.1 million students.

While none of us could have predicted even a few weeks ago that we would launch this dramatic new transition in education, I could not be prouder of the way our educators have come together to ready themselves to teach your children from their own homes. And I could not be more grateful to all of you for your faith in our educators, and all of the hardworking staff at DOE.

This will not be perfect. Nothing can ever replace a talented teacher in a classroom. We know the challenges and inequities our students face. But over the past week I have seen DOE’s 150,000 staff rise to this challenge in astounding ways. Your faith in them is deserved and earned.

Things have moved very quickly since Mayor de Blasio and I made the very difficult decision one week ago that school buildings would close for student instruction until at least April 20. Educators citywide created a remote curriculum in days. Every school has been equipped with an online platform. Learning resources, including those for special education and multilingual learners, have been developed and posted on our website—and there is so much more to come.

All the relevant information you need about engaging in remote learning is on our website at—please visit it frequently for updates. And please check in with your teachers and principals if you have questions: just as they were before last week, they will continue to be your guide to instruction and (virtual) engagement during these unprecedented times. I will share a few key pieces of information here to keep in mind for this week:

Remote Learning

  • Each school has its own online platform, with many schools using Google Classroom. Educators have contacted school communities to let you know what remote learning tool your child’s school will be using.
  • You can find instructions on DOE student accounts and getting started in Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams at
  • If you are having additional problems connecting, contact your school directly via email. Our Find a School tool can help you find contact info for your school as well, if you do not already have it:

Electronic Devices

  • If your child needs an internet-connected device to participate in remote learning, and you have not yet filled out a device request form, please visit to request a device on loan from DOE.
  • Many of you have already received a device on loan from your school. If you have not and you still require a device, please fill out the survey.

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

If your student is recommended for integrated co-teaching, special class, or special education teacher support services, your school will make every effort to arrange for them to continue to receive instruction from the same special education teachers and classroom paraprofessionals that usually teach them. Someone from your school will contact you to discuss how instruction will be delivered.

  • Your child’s IEP meetings will still take place; IEP meetings will be conducted by phone.
  • To make a referral for initial evaluation or reevaluation, you can email your principal or, or call 311.
  • For more on remote learning for students with IEPs, please visit

Free Meals

  • We will continue to offer free meals in the weeks ahead at more than 400 sites across the city. Food hubs will operate Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. through 1:30 p.m., and any student of any age can get 3 meals daily. Visit to find a site near you.

Regional Enrichment Centers

  • On Monday, March 23, the City will open Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) for the children of front-line workers in the fight against COVID-19—including first responders and healthcare workers. If you believe your child may be eligible to attend a REC, please visit

Family Welcome Center

  • Enrollment and Placement Support: Family Welcome Center staff are available by email, and are prepared to assist with enrollment and placement of new admissions, questions around admissions, information about offers, and waitlists. They do not handle REC enrollment.
  • Please be aware FWCs are processing a high volume of questions at this time in connection to the recent release of high school admissions offer letters. We ask for your patience, and are aiming to respond to all requests within 48 hours. Here’s how to receive direct support on these topics:

Parents can also call 311 and say “Schools” to be routed to someone who can help with school-related questions.


If you need help with a problem that cannot be resolved at the school level or wish to report a complaint, please reach out to your district superintendent’s office. Contact information for your district support team can be found here. If you do not know the district in which your child’s school is located, please use the Find A School tool.

There will surely be bumps in the road as we all adjust to this new reality, and I want to thank you for the patience that will be demanded of you as we undertake this transformation together.

In just a few hours, we will all take a great leap together into uncharted territory. We will be successful if we continue to work together as a community of families, educators, and staff. We all share two key goals: a high-quality education for every single one of our 1.1 million students, and protecting health and safety of everyone in our school communities.

That means that public education in New York City is going to look tremendously different for the foreseeable future. But together, we will chart this path forward, and I have no doubt that we will eventually look back and say this was our finest hour: when we confronted this great challenge and overcame it, in unity, with shared strength and commitment.

New York City has the greatest students and staff in the world, and nothing will ever change that—today, tomorrow, or ever. I am excited to be on this journey with you. Together, I am confident we will learn and grow with boundless potential.


Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education

Guidance Newsletter

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Guidance Update

As you know, we are moving to a remote learning based model, given the recent school closures due to COVID-19. We compiled this resource for you as a support and guide to help you and your families during this time. We are sending you all the love and support we can, and while we know it won’t be easy for you, we are here for you. Please reach out via email as needed.

Contact Information

Jessica Forman- 6th and 7th grade counselor

Cynthia Caspi- 7th and 8th grade counselor

Elisabetta Brown- Mandated school counselor

Suzann Jacquez-Sanchez- LCSW, Bilingual School Social Worker


What if I am feeling really down, in crisis, or in an emergency?

  1. Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741 to be connected to a counselor
  2. NYC Well: Call 1-888-692-9355, text “WELL” to 65173, or chat with a counselor at this link.
  3. HelpChat is free and confidential online chat that can help reduce stress, depression, and fear as a result of being bullied and be empowered to make healthy decisions (ages 13-24). HelpChat hours are Monday 6pm – 12am and Tuesday 8pm – 12am

  1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-8255 or chat with a counselor at this link.

Tips for Managing Stress

This is an opportunity for all of us to develop healthy coping skills that will last us through these weeks and beyond. If you find yourself overwhelmed, try some of the strategies below. Try each a few times, rating your stress level from 1-5 before and after using the strategy. Then check off the ones that work well for you.

Relaxation Skills

  • Breathe in for 3 seconds, out for 6 seconds. Repeat 5 times
  • Hold your hand to your heart and feel it slow down
  • Name 3 things you can see, 2 things you can hear, and 1 thing you can feel…this will help ground you
  • Imagine your favorite place
  • Take a shower or bath
  • Repeat a positive statement about yourself three times

Processing Skills

  • Write in a journal
  • Talk to a friend or trusted adult
  • Write a song, poem or draw

Physical/Sensory Skills

  • Exercise (stretching, dancing, jumping jacks, pushups)
  • Scan your body for any discomfort
  • Tense and relax your muscles, one by one

Additional Resources

Guided mediation:

How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to calm your state:

Tapping for calm:

Emotional first aid-

Download “Calm” app for meditations and breathing

You can’t calm the storm…so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.

Tech Update

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Devices & Internet Access

The New York City Department of Education wants every student who needs a device for remote learning to have one, even if the student does not have internet access at home. Simply call 718-935-5100 and choose Option 5 on the menu. Someone will help you get a device with internet connection.

El Departamento de Educación de la Ciudad de Nueva York quiere que todos los estudiantes que necesiten un dispositivo para aprender a distancia obtengan uno, incluso si el estudiante no tiene acceso a internet en su casa. Simplemente llame al 718-935-5100 y elija la opción 5 del menú. Alguien le ayudará a conseguir un dispositivo con conexión a internet.

Департамент образования г. Нью-Йорка стремится, чтобы у каждого ребенка, которому необходимо устройство для дистанционного обучения, оно было, даже если у этого ребенка дома нет доступа в Интернет. Позвоните по телефону 718-935-5100 и выберите Опцию 5 в меню. Вам помогут получить устройство с выходом в Интернет.

뉴욕시 교육청은 원격 학습을 위한 기기를 필요로 하는 모든 학생에게 기기를 제공하며 가정에서 인터넷 사용할수 없는 경우도 해당됩니다. 718-935-5100로 전화하여 메뉴에서 옵션 5를 선택하십시오. 인터넷 연결이 가능한 기기를 받을 수 있도록 도와드릴 것입니다.

Le Département de l’Éducation de la Ville de New York veut que chaque élève ayant besoin d’un outil d’enseignement à distance en ait un, même si l’élève n’a pas d’accès Internet à la maison. Veuillez appeler le 718-935-5100 et choisissez l’option 5 du menu. Quelqu’un vous aidera à obtenir un outil avec connexion Internet.

Depatman Edikasyon Vil Nouyòk (NYCDOE) vle pou chak timoun ki bezwen yon aparèy pou yo aprann adistans (remote) gen yonn, menmsi elèv la pa gen aksè entènèt lakay li. Jis rele nan 718-935-5100 epi chwazi opsyon 5 nan meni an. Gen yon moun k ap ede w jwenn yon aparèy ki gen koneksyon entènèt.

紐約市教育局希望每一位需要遠程學習設備的學生都獲得該設備,即使 該生在家裡無法上網。您只需致電718-935-5100,然後在菜單上選擇選 項5即可。有人將幫您獲得一個可連接互聯網的設備。

িউ ইয়র্কনিনি নিপািকমেন্ট অব এিুমর্শি দূর থেমর্ নশক্ষা বা নরমোি লানিকিং-এর জমিে থেিব নশক্ষােকীর এর্নি নিভাইি প্রময়াজি তারা প্রমতেমর্ থেি এর্নি নিভাইি পায় তা নিনিত র্রমত চায়, এেিনর্ েনদ নশক্ষােকীর বানিমত ইন্টামিকমির িুনবধা িা োমর্ তবুও। 718-935-5100 িাম্বামর থ াি র্রুি এবিং থেিুে থেমর্ অপশি 5 থবমে নিি। ইন্টারমিি থোগামোগ িহ এর্নি নিভাইি থপমত থর্উ এর্জি আপিামর্ িহায়তা র্রমবি।

للتعل عن بعد لكل تلميذ)ة( يحتاج لذلك، حتى ولو ّ ترغب إدارة التعليم لمدينة نيويورك في توفير جهاز م
لم يكن لدى التلميذ)ة( إمكانية الوصول إلى شبكة اإلنترنت في المنزل. اتصلوا ببساطة برقم الهاتف 5100-935-718 واختاروا الخيار رقم 5 من القائمة. سوف يقوم شخص ما بمساعدتكم في الحصول على جهاز متصل بشبكة اإلنترنت