Summer Reading List

Dear Parents & Guardians, 

Over the summer, a young person who does not read can lose a quarter of the reading growth they made the previous year. If a middle school student reads just 5 books at their level during the summer months, they are far less likely to slide backwards. Students who read at home at least 3 times a week are twice as likely to score in the top 25% of their class in reading comprehension. Setting goals helps you to stay accountable to yourself. Goals also help you track your progress and they give you the opportunity to celebrate your successes. 

Did you know that there are….

9 weeks and 6 days during the summer vacation which is equal to:

69 days which is equal to:

1,656 hours which equal is to:

99,360 minutes which means that….

If you read for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week (which is 2.5 hours per week) during this summer vacation, you will still have 97,860 minutes which is equal to 1,631 hours which is equal to 68 days which is equal to 9 weeks and 5 days TO DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!

  • For rising 6th graders, teachers expect students to have read at least 5 books, on their reading level, and log into their summer reading google classroom. In google classroom students will find an assignment due in September along with writing prompts and a rubric. The code for the summer reading classroom is 1amgfkj
  • For rising 7th graders, teachers also expect students to read at least 5 books and to log into a customized summer reading Google classroom. This site will offer an extensive reading list, and an assignment that is due digitally (or may be handed in) by the first day of school in September. Students must complete two reading responses for any 2 of the 5 books they finish.  The code to access the google classroom is abx2agd. This will count as their first project grade for their 7th grade year.
  • For rising 8th graders, teachers also expect students to read at least 5 books over the summer.  They must also complete one reading response for each book. Students must complete three reading responses for any 3 of the 5 books they finish. This will count as their first project grade for their 8th grade year.  For more information please click here.  


You can access free books over the summer online, by logging into:

Username: read  

Password: books

Multiple Languages Available!


Debate Team Tournament

MS 88’s debate team had a successful tournament at Stuyvestant High School.  Our students showed extraordinary dedication and resilience in the weeks leading up to the tournament as they prepared for the topic Resolved: The Death Penalty is Never Justified.

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Individual Speaker Awards- Novice Division (265 total speakers competed)

Anaya Guzman (631)- 5th place

Mia Greene (733)- 12th place

Darwin Santamaria(814)- 24th place

Afiya Duncan (733)- 38th

Jamir John (715)-45th place

Individual Speaker Awards-Intermediate Division (85 total speakers)

Joel Ortega (815)- 23rd speaker

Yelenny Cruz(711)-  33rd Speaker

Team Awards Novice Division (143 total teams competed)

Anaya and Mia (9th place overall)

Michelle and Afiya (30th place overall)

Darwin and Jamir (32nd place overall)

Kayla and Cynthia (47th place overall)

Bre and Jamiyah (52nd place overall)

Team Awards- Intermediate Awards  (46 total teams competed)

Yelenny and Joel -25th place overall