Spring Break Homework for Students

Here are a series of nonfiction articles along with multiple choice questions and an answer key.  Children should read and annotate the texts and work through the multiple choice question (eliminate obvious wrong answers and try to narrow each question to two possible correct answers before selecting a final answer).  Additionally, there is a series of question stems that can be used to talk with children about the books or articles they are reading.  These question prompts are designed to imitate the language students are likely to see on a state exam.

Students reading at Levels M-Q

Nonfiction M-Q

Fiction M-Q

Students reading at Levels R-U

Nonfiction R-U

Fiction R-U

Students reading at Levels V-Z

Nonfiction V-Z

Fiction V-Z 


Questions, comments or concerns? You can email Ms. Giles, our Literacy Coach (cguevara@ms88.org)

John and Katie Sexton visit 8th Grade SISTA House students

John and Katie Sexton bought their legal expertise, to help 8th-grade students build critical thinking and capacity for reflection about heroism, and its connection to ethics and morality. This intersects with our school’s core values: integrity, empathy, respect, curiosity, and resilience.

(Ms. St. Jean is a proud NYU grad, and she considers John Sexton a mentor and friend.)